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Butternut Squash Soup

I tried making butternut squash with rigatoni and shrimp few years ago . We didn’t like very much .. Nicholas did though . But not us .. So , i was not too sure about making this butternut squash soup , but was tempted to try it . Especially that butternut squash was pretty cheap at the farmers market . Tempted , so i ended up buying it , it only costs me $0.91 for 2 lbs of butternut squash . It looks cute too with the shape .. LOL

This soup turned out to be delicious , i like it !! I certainly don’t mind making this again in the future , i guess this is not old boring butternut squash soup , since it has jalapeno and cumin in it . Although it has jalapeno but it wasn’t spicy , you can def.tatste the cumin . The only thing about this soup was , preparation takes quite a while , the skin of the butternut squash was hard , so i had to peel them after cutting it in smaller pieces . But other than everything was easy .. chopped onions , jalapeno and garlic was quick and easy to do , well except i cried chopping the onions LOL .. All and all this was an easy soup to make and it is good ! Go try it , it’s fall .. and butternut squash is everywhere , not to mention it’s cheap ! 🙂

Btw , butternut squash reminds me of Blewah , if you’re indonesian you should know what blewah is . I can never find blewah here , it comes from the Melon family , and actually blewah has almost the same smell of butternut squash , except butternut squash is harder than blewah 🙂

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