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Scallops Provencal

Tonight i made Scallops Provencal . I bought them yesterday when we went grocery shopping . Living in the midwest .. chances are you can’t get any fresh seafood . I saw sea scallops , except they’re expensive , they’re like $14.99 / lbs , also it’s end of season too , so that could be why it’s quite expensive . I settled with Bay scallops , which was actually not the best choice .

The recipe calls either bay or sea scallops , but i am sure sea scallops would be better for this dish . Very easy and quick , it doesn’t even take longer than 15-20 minutes . That’s how quick t his dish was . Although i would replace the butter with just regular oil next time , if not , it’s pretty rich dish . Or probably just cut the butter into half what it calls for . Either way , this dish is quite delicious , one thing should remember though , do not overcook the scallops !!

For recipe click here

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