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Sauteed Bok Choy

There is no exact measurement for this recipe , i just eye ball it

2 bundles of bok choy

1 chicken thigh fillet

soy sayce

all purpose flour or cornstarch

3 cloves of garlic

oyster sauce

sesame oil

vegetable oil

sugar , salt and pepper

1. Cut the chicken fillet , add soy sauce and cornstarch , mix well , let it sit for a while

2. In a skillet , heat vegetable oil , add garlic , stir for 1 minute , add sugar , salt and pepper , add the chicken , cook for few minutes , add little water , let chicken cook for few more minutes , add the hard part of bok choy , add oyster sauce and stir , cook again few more minutes . Add the leafy part of bok choy , cook couple more minutes . Sprinkle a lil of sesame oil . Serve warm.

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