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Chicken Fried Steak

I never made chicken fried steak before , this was my first time . My son Nicholas loves chicken fried steak , but it was from the frozen dinner box . Which obviously , not good for your body , but he kept saying he likes chicken fried steak .

So , originally last night i was going to make this chicken fried steak . I thawed out the meat , which was bottom round meat and sliced against the grain and it was all ready , except my husband , Jay and I ended up having a night out alone . Didn’t get the chance to cook this last night . But tonight i did .. it was easy , but it’s a messy business . With oil popping here and there , i guarantee that you have to clean your stove after this . I did .. and mind you , i cleaned this morning too . So it was like cleaning my kitchen 2 times . But it’s def. worth it .

The steak didn’t take long to cook , only 4 minutes on each side , i cheated on the gravy , i used ready made gravy . I am sure you can use your homemade gravy too . But we were quite busy with carving pumpkins , making rolls for the dinner , and so we opted to use the ready made gravy . But the steak was delicious , it was not tough at all .. and goes perfect with the asparagus and baked potatoes and rolls .

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