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Parker House Rolls

I made parker house rolls before , but this one is definately the best i ever had . It is so light and fluffy and not to mention it’s sweet . It almost tastes like Hawaiian Sweet Bread .. or maybe i should call it .. ” Almost Hawaiian Sweet Bread ” LOL ..

Like any other bread making , it takes time and patience , especially when you do it manually . Luckily i have a bread machine to do the dough for me . Although it took a little preparation , warming up the milk , mixed with butter , and proofing the yeast , but it’s not that bad at all . When it’s rising the second time , i left to the store to pick up some apples to make more apple butter tonight . So , it really comes in handy when you have this thing called bread machine 🙂

But if you do not own one , do not discourage either . Bread making is not hard at all , it’s just takes time and practice . And beside what better method to tone out that arm muscles while busy in the kitchen ? Yeah .. kneading .. knead it .. or if you have mixer with a dough hook .. you don’t even have to worry about kneading too long with your arms .

So good luck trying to parker house rolls .. we paired it with our southern style dinner earlier . That looks yummy and tastes yummy !

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