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Bulgogi Pork Chop w/ caramelized onion

Tonight we made something easy , delicious and super quick to cook . The only thing you need on hand that is rather unusual for american pantry would be bulgogi sauce . Bulgogi sauce is a korean BBQ sauce that’s made from pear and soy sauce and a lot of garlic . You can always make your own bulgogi sauce , but here , i have my store bought bulgogi sauce , one i picked up at the korean market .Another ingredients you need would be panko bread crumbs , for its breading , and then eggs and flour .

Have 3 plates , 1st would be flour , 2nd would be beaten eggs , and 3rd plate would be panko bread crumbs . And just roll your pork chop on the flour , dip into the egg mixture and roll into the bread crumbs . And brown them on a skillet for 4 minutes on each side . Be very careful , pork chop is cooking quite fast , and if you overcook them , pork chop would be dry and hard , which you don’t want . So 3 and half minutes to 4 minutes on mediumĀ  heat should be enough . Do the same on the other side . Then set it aside .

On the same skillet , add chopped onions and cook until it almost caramelized , and then add the shiitake mushroom , and cook until it’s done , watch that you don’t burn the onion , add the store bought bulgogi sauce or your own homemade bulgogi sauce . Cook for 1 minute and return the pork chops into the skillet . And you have it all done .. It is yummy when you serve it with jasmine rice !

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