Olivia’s Strawberry Jam

Yesterday me and my husband went to the farmers market . Originally i wanted to buy the concord grapes that i got from there few days ago , they were so good and so cheap , only $0.59/lbs . What a great price , so i thought , why not buying the whole box , maybe we can use it for making grape jam . But unfortunately the grapes were getting bad , they’re getting overripe , moldy and just smushed because of piling boxes and boxes on top of each other .

But we found something else , we saw strawberries , for the whole box , which has 8 – 1 lb box , only for $5.00 . That was an awesome deal , normally we would have to pay $2.99 or $2.50 on sale for a pound of strawberry at the grocery store . Ended up buying the whole box and the owner said ” Do you have a dollar ? ” I gave him a dollar … and that’s it .. he sold it for the whole thing for only 1 dollar !! 8 lbs of fresh strawberries for only $1.00 !!!

So .. my husband and i ended up with our little project with the little time that we had left before going to pick up our 5 years old from school . I started hulling the strawberries and he mashed them up and then started cooking them . And voila .. we ended up with 11 half pint jars of strawberry jam !

My husband just could not wait to try it last night , turned out the strawberry jam was so delicious !! Unlike any store bought jams , i don’t need to name any brands , but the ones we often buy from the store . I compared them yesterday , the store bought jam has a very strong sweet and strawberry smell , so strong ! But when you start eating them , all you can taste was just the super sweetness . Now , our home made strawberry jam does not have super sweet smell , but you can tell it’s sweet , and when you eat it , you can taste the fresh strawberry in it . It was very ” strawberry – y .. ” That’s how i describe it .. LOL

Not only they’re easy to make , they’re also healthy considering no preservatives , and on top of that , i am using sugar , so we can always control how much sweetness we want in there , we can always make no sugar added jams too . I’ll stick with normal jams though 🙂 And when you use store bought jam .. it contains high fructose corn syrup , which we all know , not the greatest thing to be put in our body .

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