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So , i have finished my first ever knitted sock over the weekend . In total it took me a little bit over a week to finish the socks . Probably closer to 10 days for the pair . I had orders to get done , so for 2 days i focused on making hats and gloves , i had to skip my finishing sock at the time .

Since this was my first experience with knitting sock with the real sock yarn , i have to say , it’s quite different than i am used to , i hardly worked with yarn so thin . There must be hundred thousand little stitches in that sock i completed . It was a little strange having to use super small needle ,it’s like holding a toothpick ! But i def enjoyed the process . It is very time consuming , the only thing i have complain about this hobby is that the amount of time you spent sitting on the couch . But on that 2nd sock i completed , i decided i can knit standing up . I am the type of person who can’t sit too long , i like standing up , i do stand up a lot when i do a lot of kitchen stuff , be it cooking or baking . So , on that half pair i completed , i knitted it mostly standing up while at the same time , teaching and waiting on my son to complete his school works .

This is how the finished sock looks like

sock plain1 sock plain2 sock plain3


They’re beautiful aren’t they ? i love how the color turns out too . They fit perfectly , and i had worn them couple times already . I also wash them in the machine , but i didn’t use dryer to dry it , i just lay it flat to dry . Which i think the safest way to dry sock . With so much hard work and time that i put in making these socks , i want to make sure they are well taken care of ! Sometimes we don’t realize the amount you put into making handmade items .

This pair of sock was made using a basic sock pattern that i got from local yarn store . The pattern did help me so much because of the very detail and clear explanation including the amount stitches on which on what needles . So that pattern would def be my go to pattern if i ever want to make a plain vanilla sock again .

All and all , i am pretty happy and very proud of what i did with the sock . I had never thought i would be able to create handmade items like this .

A friend had warned me before i started knitting sock that it can be addictive . And she was right .. once i finished that first pair , the next day i already picked which yarn i wanted to use , and that was back on Monday night . Now , i am half way there .. 🙂

sock vanilla1

sock vanilla2


That was a picture that i took yesterday afternoon .. i am working on the instep now . Using the vanilla latte pattern . The pattern somehow confuses me after turning the heel , but i managed . Hopefully it turns out just fine .

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  • Patricia Carter

    Hi Olivia. I just discovered your blog tonight, and I am crazy about your white chocolate macadamia nut cookie recipe, which I have not tried yet–and the fact that you are knitting socks. I have been knitting for more than 50 years (all right, I’m old–a great-grandmother even) and I never knitted socks until ten years ago. Using multiple double-pointed needles and all the construction in socks just look difficult to me. But since I’ve learned to knit socks, it is my new passion and I am usually knitting socks in addition to whatever other project I have on my needles.

    I am in a facebook group called Addicted to Sock Knitting (ASK) and tonight a member named Coleen Knight posted a photo of a gorgeous sock with a colorful yarn called “Mordor Farts” and her post says she got the yarn from you. It is a closed group, so I don’t know whether or not you will be able to see the post, so I tried to post a photo here, but it would not post.

    If you know about this yarn, would you let me know?

    Patricia (Carter)

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