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Baquette ( French Bread)

I tried making this french bread this afternoon . Turned out that it was pretty good and easy too . It does not really matter if you have bread machine or not , except , bread machine helps you with the time . Making bread by hand could be time consuming , although i still do enjoy it . I made this french bread earlier using my bread machine , i let my bread machine takes care of the dough , once the dough cycle is done , i took it out and let it fermented a little bit more . Then i took it out and instead of punched it down like many recipe says .. i just took it out gently from the bowl . I read it in the bread baking book you’re not supposed to punch the dough down like many recipe says . Anyway i shaped the dough and let it rise again for one last time before made slits to let the gas out and baked them for 20 minutes only . The result ? It was delicious .. crusty crust and chewy inside .. this is a lot better than having to buy store bought baquette !!

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