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Indonesian Chicken Curry ( Kare ayam )

Curry is known in Indonesian as Kare . My mom used to cook this quite a bit , although it wasn’t on my favourite list of the food that she cooked . It could be that my taste has changed , but i do love curry . We used to go to thai restaurant a lot and we would order curry . This Indonesian curry has a very similar taste to red or yellow curry that we used to get there . Not only they are easy to make , as long as you have the fresh herbs and spices , they’re quick too . I used boneless chicken thighs in this dish , you can always use chicken breast , the reason i like using chicken thigh is because they have more flavor to me and they’re good for long slow cooking or braising as well . Don’t forget mortar pestle or food processor is a must in this south east asian dish . And serve it with jasmine rice .




Direction : 

2 lbs of boneless chicken thighs or chicken breasts , cut into 2 large strips or you can cut into bite size

2 lemon grass , bruised

1 cinnamon sticks

6 cloves

about 25 grams of galangal , peeled

curry paste

Make a paste from these spices , just throw them all in the food processor until it becomes very smooth paste about 2-3 minutes .

About 2 tbsp. of canola oil

25 grams garlic cloves

100 grams of shallots , about 2-3 large shallots

75 grams of red chilies , i used a mixture of thai bird’s eye chilies and cayenne pepper and hot korean peppers

5 candlenuts

40 grams fresh turmeric , peeled

15 grams of fresh ginger , peeled

2 tsp. of ground cumin

2 tsp. of ground coriander

1 tsp. of fennel seeds

5 grams of shrimp paste

50 grams of sugar

about 1 tbsp. of kosher salt , adjust to  your preference later on

2 cans of coconut milk plus water to thin it out , about 1000 more or less

2 large potatoes , cut in chunks

red bell pepper , cut in chunks

1. In a large pot , heat up oil , stir fry the paste with the fresh herbs until it’s fragrant about 3-4 minutes . Then add coconut milk and water , stir to mix . Bring to boil , add the chicken in .

2. Bring to boil , then cook on low for 25 minutes . Add the potatoes , cook additional 20 minutes . 5 minutes before it’s done , throw the red bell pepper in . Serve warm with rice .



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