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Turkey Meatball w/ Tortellini Soup

I bought turkey sausage last week , and i used it for this soup today . I added some chopped apples , removed the sausage casing and put some parmesan cheese , fresh bread crumbs and eggs and milk to make these yummy meatballs . Better yet , you don’t need to make your kitchen messy by frying it in the pan / skillet . I just turned my oven on and baked the meatballs , don’t forget to line a parchment paper for this meatballs . Save the mess !!

The soup turned out great as always , bay leaves , parsley leaves , and thyme is a must in this soup . Added the chicken prosciutto tortellini , and it’s even better . It doesn’t take too long to cook either , esp. if you have everything ready .If you found just ground turkey , you can always use it too , i just thought turkey sausage would have more taste compared to a plain ground turkey .

Definately a great recipe for the cooler weather coming up .

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