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Chicken Marsala with mushroom

I bought this package of whole cut up chicken , just took it out this morning and we ended up making Chicken Marsala .

Of course , you have to put marsala wine in it , if not , it won’t be called chicken marsala .. LOL . Chicken Marsala is really good and easy to make , except , they’re a bit messy , it makes your kitchen messy . It just did that to my kitchen this evening . But it’s worth the mess i guess ..

Main ingredients would be marsala wine , thyme , garlic , shallots , i am sure you can replace this with regular red onion , but shallots somehow has a milder taste compared to red onion . Just buy a cut up chicken from the store instead of having to chop up your chicken yourself .. now that i have to admit , i never try .. 😀 Then just brown your chicken , and set aside and added the rest of the ingredients , with marsala wine and put the chicken back in there and let them cook . Quick and very easy dinner .. well it’s probably going to take about 45 minutes to finish this dish .

For recipe click here

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