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Korean Spicy Stir Fry Pork

I made this korean spicy stir fry pork with the recipe from Maangchi , it was very delicious . I added about 3 serrano pepper on top of 2 tbsp. of hot pepper flakes .. no wonder if it was very hot . Too hot for my 5 years old , he could not eat it , he cried after the first bite .. Well , next time i will use less pepper , although i love it .. i loved every bite of it . Very tasty , i used pork belly that i bought from Brookhaven a while ago , and this is a good way to use it . I think my mom used to call this particular part of pork as ” Samcan ” , she used to use this pork for pork satay .. or babi kecap ( pork with soy sauce ) .

Anyway , this was easy to make and if you like cooking korean food , you would have most of the ingredients . And if you don’t cook korean food at all , you still be able to make this with a trip to korean market to get gochujang aka hot pepper paste .. LOL . Other than that , the ingredients are only onions , green onions , pork belly , garlic and ginger , soy sauce and sesame oil , pepper paste and pepper flakes . Easy enough to remember , isn’t it ?

If you cut the pork belly thin enough i believe you would have this dish ready within 20 minutes ,but since i cut it too thick , i had to let it cook for about half an hour , i think it’s because of the skin .. i forgot to get rid of the skin , some people like using it still . When my mom used to make babi kecap , she left the skin on . But this one , i think if you get rid of the skin , it’ll get tender a lot quicker .. All and all , this spicy stir fry pork is a keeper , i love it !!!

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