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Extra Spicy Linguine with cherry tomatoes and sausage

During summer , we grow a lot of vegetables and herbs , one of them , well a must in every garden over here , tomatoes . Growing tomatoes , with me , the only person who would eat it , seems ironic , and useless . My husband would eat tomatoes only when they’re cooked , or in a pasta sauce or in a pizza sauce . Not ever in fresh picked tomatoes , not even cherry tomatoes . Cherry tomatoes are my favorite , they’re sweet , especially the one we grow ourselves in our garden . So , since i am the one person consuming the cherry tomatoes , which sometimes seems impossible to do because one person can only consume so much of fresh tomatoes .. LOL I ended up using it for this recipe that i found on rachael ray website .

Being a pasta lover , and love spicy food , this dish seems so perfect for me . You can always replace the pasta with the whole wheat pasta and turkey sausage to replace the regular italian sausage , if you get a good turkey sausage , the result will not dissapoint you , i am telling you , you hardly able to tell the difference , it’s that yummy !

For recipe click here

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