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Fish en Papillote

Fish en Papillote , such a fancy name , for fish that is wrapped in parchment paper . LOL .

I am not so good cooking fish , my husband Jay does this better than i do . But one thing i am good at making fish dishes , is making fish en papillote . It is super easy , super healthy and just super yummy .. 

For some reason , you have to make sure you cut your parchment paper in a heart shape , not square , not rectangle , but just heart shape , then you have to wrap the fish nicely in there , along with vegetable of your choice . When i was making this , i didn’t have dry vermouth on hand , i ended up using white wine and it turned out just fine . The juice from the fish and the seasoning was really great . Not to mention if you’re a health freak , you would love this dish . Great food , healthy and tasted yummy .. very hard to find 🙂

For recipe click here

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