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New York style cheesecake

Who doesn’t like cheesecake ? Barely anybody that i knew doesn’t like cheesecake , they’re rich , creamy dessert . To top it off , anybody who likes strawberry can always put strawberry topping on it , or just eating it as a plain cheesecake .

My husband Jay’s favorite dessert is cheesecake and lemon meringue pie , well this time , i am making new york style cheesecake . Most of people mentioned that they don’t want to make cheesecake because it’s bound to crack and doesn’t turn out as smooth as bakery cheesecake . Well this cheesecake is not going to dissapoint you , it’s not hard to make it , just have to beat them right , not overbeat it and also have to have a big roasting pan , so you can wrap up the springform pan with heavy duty foil , and it’s like giving them a steam bath , just like when you’re making creme brulee ..

So this is my cheesecake ..

For recipe click here

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