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Challah ( Jewish Egg Bread )

So , i am not jewish , i am just a chinese indonesian girl who likes to eat challah .. LOL

I guess i was in the mood of bread baking , esp. with my newly cleaned bread machine that’s been sitting in the storage room ever since we received this as our wedding  shower gift . LOL .. Back then i barely able to bake or cook .. i was just a wife who didn’t know how to cook or bake , well i could boil water and made instant noodles , that’s about it . Let alone baking a bread . Although bread machine is really easy to make but i wonder why i didn’t have any interest to use it , yet we both registered it on our wedding shower gift list .. Ah .. who knows .. it was back in 2000 anyway ..

So .. an italian friend of mine been busy baking bread using her bread machine , that’s why i thought , why not getting my bread machine cleaned up and brought it up in my kitchen and started trying it . For all this time , i’ve been baking a lot of bread by hand , not by bread machine . But by golly .. bread machine , really saves you time and energy .. i don’t need to work my arm muscle to knead those dough .. although actually .. my kitchen aid mixer did the kneading too .. LOl , still bread machine is really good to have .

Anyway normal Challah won’t come in a loaf shape .. LOL .. it should be braided , but i was just too lazy to braid it , one of these days when i have some time , i will braid the challah .. instead of leaving it in the loaf pan . Although the taste was still very delicious .. my husband loves it , i just love the texture this bread has , and how easy it is to make them !

For recipe click here

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