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Olivia’s Sweet Dinner Rolls

I love bread !! I love making bread .. especially the smell of the dough rising .. and then when you have them baking in the oven , your house is full with freshly baked bread .. I just love everything about homemade bread . In this particular recipe , i didn’t even use my mixer or kneading it by hand .. i just let my bread machine did all the work . The result was a yummy sweet dinner rolls . Super easy and super tasty , of course , if you do not have a bread machine , you can always use your hand , mix it with hand , knead it by hand for 5-10 minutes until the dough becomes elastic enough . Give those arm muscles some work .. 😀 But if you’re lazy like me , you can always throw all the ingredients into the machine and sit down and relax , or just use the time to make something else while it’s going in the machine 🙂 Still i prefer to bake them in the oven , although the machine would do all the job , i love making them into different shapes and all ,instead of just a loaf of bread .

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