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Deviled Eggs

Do Not ask me why they named this deviled eggs .. Maybe because they’re so good and yummy but not good for your health ? Maybe because you cannot stop just from eating 1 ? Considering how much the cholesterol in the egg yolks ? Mind you , the egg whites are full of protein that is good for you , but without the yolk , what’s the point of making deviled eggs ?

Deviled eggs , mostly popular during easter time . I’ve been in charged to make deviled eggs since i had my easter dinner with my husband’s side of the family . Of course Americans always have a big easter dinner to celebrate Jesus is alive again . The connection between the eggs itself , and bunny ( hence easter bunny ) and Jesus is alive .. i don’t know .. i never found the answer .. LOL

But enough about that .. deviled eggs are so yummy , so easy to make , it’s a pain in the neck to peel the shell , especially if you have fresh eggs , because it’s even harder to peel them . The secret to make a great deviled eggs would be , do not overboil the eggs , of course you do not want to have underboil eggs either , you don’t want a runny eggyolk .. LOL .. Anyway people tend to boil eggs too long , my mother in law used to .. well still .. boil eggs for 25 minutes LOL .. she had a bad experience with salmonella .. so i can understand that . But boil eggs for 12-15 minutes is enough to get a perfect hard boiled eggs . As soon as the water started boiling , you can put your timer to 12 minutes and it’ll be down . Run a cold water after you get rid of the hot water . Then peel the shell , scoop out the egg yolks and be ready to put the seasonings .

For recipe , click here

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