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Jap Chae ( Korean stir fry noodles w/ vegetables )

I ran across this recipe from a website not too long ago , she’s a wonderful korean lady who cooks a lot and put some tutorial on youtube . So , because i’ve been watching a lot of korean drama lately .. i thought about this dish , as well as Jjangmyun , or Bulgogi or Kimbap .. all of those stuff . According to one of my friend , she said Jap Chae is really good . It got me thinking .. i’d like to try this dish .

What so funny , at the beginning i thought Jap Chae is the same with Cap Jay , Chinese stir fry noodles .. i had that a lot back when i was younger and living in Indonesia . Turned out they’re not the same ..Jap Chae used a starch noodles , called Dang Myun , the package that i bought said the noodles was made from sweet potato starch . They’re healthy for u , with 200 calories per serving and only 7 calories from fat . On top of that , Jap Chae has a lot of vegetables in it , spinach , white button mushrooms , shiitake mushroom ( my favorite ) , carrots , onions , and beef . Basically , it’s one pot dish , it has the carb , and it has the protein , it’s a complete meal in 1 pot !

The main ingredients in Jap Chae was sesame oil and soy sauce , nothing else .. as long as you have those 2 ingredients , i think you can use any kind of meat or vegetables as you like for Jap Chae .

For recipe click here

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