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Steamed Brownies w/ Cheese Filling

Few months ago my cousin’s wife in Indonesia gave me this recipe , at the time i was in the mood for some indonesian traditional snack , she came across this recipe and thought about giving it to me . Brownie Kukus or we call it steamed brownies , i’ve heard about this , but never made it myself .

So i thought , why not trying it today , i am stuck at home anyway , since my son is being grounded for the day which means he can’t play or watch tv , if i take him to the gym , he’d be able to play and watch tv . To make the point of being grounded , i had to sacrifice my working out time by staying at home with him .

I took out the eggs from the fridge this morning , after it came down to room temperature , i started making the brownies . The step by step how to is actually pretty easy to do , had to make sure the eggs and the sugar is very fluffy and white , double in size , just like when you’re making bolu kukus . What about the steamer ? I don’t use electric steamer , i threw it away couple of weeks ago when Jay got me this steamer . Not like they used to have in Indonesia but it still works well , the only thing with this kind of steamer , it does not accommodate the regular loaf pan , so i had to buy a disposable one that came with a smaller size .The result was delicious , very moist and just perfect sweetness , not over sweet like most brownies that you bake in the oven .

For the recipe click here

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