Pastel Tutup ( Indonesian Shepherd Pie )

When i was younger , my dad used to take me to this cake shop downtown to get some traditional cakes , and they also sell this Pastel Tutup . Pastel tutup has a similar fillings with chicken pot pie , except it’s a lot simpler , less rich , since pot pie uses butter in fillings . The crust on top is not a pie crust like in chicken pot pie , instead pastel tutup has a mashed potatoes as its crust !

I was always wonder how to make this , although it seems so easy , i was too lazy to make the crust , since i can’t do the shortcut using an instant mashed potatoes ! Using instant mashed potatoes won’t do any good to the dish , i’ve tried it before and it was not good at all . So , i had to get in the mood to get busy .. LOL , after coming home from farmer’s market , where i picked up lots of potatoes , i started boiling them , and it only took 30-35 minutes to boil them . Peeling a hot potatoes is another thing .. haha .. i hate peeling hot potatoes , but when you let it cool too long , it won’t be as easy as when it’s hot and warm . Anyway .. enough about peeling it off .. let’s talk about the filling , i used carrots , chicken , ham , salami , hot dogs , green onions and edamame , oyster mushrooms .Actually as far as the filling , you can do whatever you want .. you can just stick with chicken with ham and hot dogs .. whatever u like ! This is a filling dish if you serve it as a main course for dinner , it has all the protein , the vegetables , and the carb !

Edamame is a great addition to pastel tutup !! It has lots of proteins !! For the recipe click here

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