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Molten Lava Cakes

For quite sometime i’ve thought about this certain dessert . I am not a chocolate lover , they’re alright to me , and i can live without it . LOL .. But this one dessert was kinda interesting to try , and when you go chain restaurant over here , most of them , serve this kind of cake , lava cake . Why do they call this lava cake ? Because when you cut them , you should see the inside oozes out and it’s all nothing but chocolate !! It seems very delicious .. i never had them before , i’ve seen them , but never did try them .

So one night i was so bored , and i thought why not trying this recipe . It was quite easy and quick , so my son was already in bed , my husband was having a friend over , and oh well let’s try this .

And turned out it was super easy and super delicious .. Everybody likes it , even me !! LOL .. into the lava cake , i added some liqour , and i served them with french vanilla ice cream and if you want it even stronger , add more 1 capful of liqour . But i had enough with just the liqour in the cake .

When i served this to my husband’s friend’s son , who was 11 years old , he said ” How do you make this so fancy ?? ” And then he looked at my husband and said ” You’re so lucky ! ” 😀

For recipe click here

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