Beef Kimbap

Watching too much of Korean Drama will lead you to this .. That’s what happened with me .. LOL , I was wondering what Kimbap was .. since they mentioned it quite a bit in K-drama . So i began my search to find out what exactly Kimbap is .. i ran through few explanations about it . Basically it’s a Korean Sushi Rolls . Now , i love sushi , but i never made it myself .. especially since we live in midwest , i don’t think we can get any fresh fish that easy , especially ones with sushi grade fish . So i was pretty happy to find out that Korean Kimbap is made from all cooked ingredients , well except the raw vegetables .

I had bought a package from Borders one time a box of sushi how to , it contains the mat , the plates , the chopsticks and also the DVD and a book of how to make simple sushi . So the mat came quite handy when i decided to try to make this kimbap . At first i was quite intimidated by it , but i thought who cares .. let’s just try it . Everybody in my household is quite adventurous in eating anyway . My 5 years old son was trained well .. this is what he said if he sees some friends of his not willing to try new food .. ” You have to try it , if you don’t try it , you wouldn’t know if you’re going to like it or not .. ” LOL .. we have trained him well in this sayings haaha ..

So anyway .. the basic kimbap recipe i found from that website was using tuna , but i decided to try it with ground beef , i added bulgogi sauce after browning them . And using spinach , omelette , sauteed matchsticks carrots and since i don’t have pickled radish , i ended up using fresh burpless cucumber .

I had to admit i had a lot of fun making them , not quite sure at first but i did it . And my first attempt to make Kimbap was quite successful , then i thought why not trying to make it as inside out sushi rolls ? I know sushi rolls would have used raw fish .. but in this case , i just tried it with what i have on hand , which was the same ingredients as the kimbap . Who cares .. i was just trying a different method to roll them anyway . Then inside out rolls have the nori inside the rice , while the kimbap has the rice inside the nori . From the appearance i think i prefer inside out rolls better than kimbap style 🙂 They both actually look pretty !! And i was pretty happy with all the results .. i even surprised myself since it was my first attempt to make them and i was quite successful making them .

I ended up sharing it with some friends and neighbours since i made quite a bit . Come to think of it , the place that sells sushi rolls in Munster , called , Little Tokyo , was quite expensive .. for 3 rolls would cost you $15.00 , and they’re tiny itty bitty rolls .. mine is a lot bigger than theirs !! LOL

And here is a picture of my uramaki rolls , inside out rolls with the same kimbap ingredients , just different style in rolling them .

And how do you assemble kimbap ??

Well here is how to :

1. You need the bamboo mat , then put your nori ( seaweed ) with the shiny side down .

2. Spread the rice on the nori , just 1/3 of the rice will do . Then spread your beef , and the rest of the ingredients , should look like this .

3. Add the cucumbers , omelette , spinach and carrots on top of the beef .

4. Start rolling them ! Once it’s done , don’t forget to brush the rolls with sesame oil . Then cut and serve !

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