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Bolu Kukus

Believe it or not , i’ve tried to make this certain cakes for 5 times , the first 4 times i failed ! And i thought .. what the heck ? This cake is so easy .. it’s not as hard as making black forest cake , or eclairs or even bread !!!

It is called bolu kukus , it has a very smooth and soft texture , and it’s steamed , no oil , no butter , so i think this cake is quite healthy just the way it is . But i failed 4 times !! What went wrong ?

Well i tried again , following what everybody suggested me .. except one , which i suddenly remember this morning . When i was younger i helped my mom a lot making this cake , and the eggs that we used in this cake is always in room temperature , because indonesian usually don’t store their eggs in the fridge . They don’t buy 2-3 or even 4 dozen eggs at once , they usually buy 1 dozen to be used within days they bought it , so that’s probably they don’t store them in the fridge like we do here in States .

So before i left to work out , i took out 6 eggs and left it on the kitchen counter . I thought , it should come to room temperature by the time i got back from the gym . I got home about 11.30 and started making bolu kukus . My aunt had given me a recipe of it , but of course like most indonesian , they don’t come in exact amount , such as for the sprite that was used in this recipe , she only says ” one bottle of sprite ”

Well .. 1 bottle of sprite could mean 2 litres of sprite , doesn’t it ? Because over here , they come in a variety sizes ! I did my research before decided i am going to put 300 ml in it . And then she also stated to put 3/4 cangkir of water . Cangkir means cup in indonesian , but it’s not the same measurement cup over here . Cups in indonesia they use for drinking tea or coffee . So that part i can’t guess . At the end i skip the water all together anyway , because i think the consistency was already right and perfect , if i added more water into the batter it would have been way too runny .

So there it was my bolu kukus .. following all tips and suggestions my friends told me .. and voila .. here is it ..


For my bolu kukus recipe , click here

Olivia’s Bolu Kukus

Ingredients :

4 egg yolks

2 egg whites

250 gr. sugar

250 gr. all purpose flour

vanilla extract

300 ml of sprite / sierra mist

1. Beat the eggs and sugar on a high speed for 15 minutes ( yes , 15 minutes ) until it’s thick , fluffy and white

2. Add the flour and sprite alternately .

3. Pour into the mold all the way to the top .

4. Steam in a steamer for 20-25 minutes , on a high heat stove , make sure before you put them into the steamer , make sure steamer is hot and steaming well , wrap up the lid of the steamer with a kitchen towel to prevent the water dripping into the cakes .

Pastel Tutup ( Indonesian Shepherd Pie )

When i was younger , my dad used to take me to this cake shop downtown to get some traditional cakes , and they also sell this Pastel Tutup . Pastel tutup has a similar fillings with chicken pot pie , except it’s a lot simpler , less rich , since pot pie uses butter in fillings . The crust on top is not a pie crust like in chicken pot pie , instead pastel tutup has a mashed potatoes as its crust !

I was always wonder how to make this , although it seems so easy , i was too lazy to make the crust , since i can’t do the shortcut using an instant mashed potatoes ! Using instant mashed potatoes won’t do any good to the dish , i’ve tried it before and it was not good at all . So , i had to get in the mood to get busy .. LOL , after coming home from farmer’s market , where i picked up lots of potatoes , i started boiling them , and it only took 30-35 minutes to boil them . Peeling a hot potatoes is another thing .. haha .. i hate peeling hot potatoes , but when you let it cool too long , it won’t be as easy as when it’s hot and warm . Anyway .. enough about peeling it off .. let’s talk about the filling , i used carrots , chicken , ham , salami , hot dogs , green onions and edamame , oyster mushrooms .Actually as far as the filling , you can do whatever you want .. you can just stick with chicken with ham and hot dogs .. whatever u like ! This is a filling dish if you serve it as a main course for dinner , it has all the protein , the vegetables , and the carb !

Edamame is a great addition to pastel tutup !! It has lots of proteins !! For the recipe click here

Pastel Tutup ( Indonesian Shepherd Pie )

Ingredients :

For topping

Boil 5-6 medium baking potatoes about 35-40 minutes with skin on . Once it’s done peel off the skin , mash with potato masher , add salt pepper and sugar , add 3 egg yolks into the mashed potato . Set aside .

For filling :

Boil 2 chicken thighs , dice it when it’s done .

2 large carrots , diced

5-6 shallots , chopped

3 green onions with the greens , chopped

4 hot dogs , diced



oyster mushrooms


On a skillet , sautee the shallots with medium heat , add the green onions , add the rest of the ingredients , add milk and buillon cube . If you like it thick add cornstarch .

To assemble , grease 13×9 inch pan with margarine , pour the filling in , spread the mashed potatoes on top . Brush with egg yolks , broil . Watch the casserole while it’s broiling , because it gets done really quick .

Molten Lava Cakes

For quite sometime i’ve thought about this certain dessert . I am not a chocolate lover , they’re alright to me , and i can live without it . LOL .. But this one dessert was kinda interesting to try , and when you go chain restaurant over here , most of them , serve this kind of cake , lava cake . Why do they call this lava cake ? Because when you cut them , you should see the inside oozes out and it’s all nothing but chocolate !! It seems very delicious .. i never had them before , i’ve seen them , but never did try them .

So one night i was so bored , and i thought why not trying this recipe . It was quite easy and quick , so my son was already in bed , my husband was having a friend over , and oh well let’s try this .

And turned out it was super easy and super delicious .. Everybody likes it , even me !! LOL .. into the lava cake , i added some liqour , and i served them with french vanilla ice cream and if you want it even stronger , add more 1 capful of liqour . But i had enough with just the liqour in the cake .

When i served this to my husband’s friend’s son , who was 11 years old , he said ” How do you make this so fancy ?? ” And then he looked at my husband and said ” You’re so lucky ! ” 😀

For recipe click here

Molten Lava Cakes


8 oz semi sweet chocolate chip

10 tbsp . unsalted butter

1 1/2 cup of powdered sugar

1/2 cup all purpose flour

3 eggs

3 egg yolks

2 tbsp. orange liqour ( or any liqour that u like )

vanilla beans

Preheat oven to 425 F , grease 6 – 7 oz ramekin cups .

Melt chocolate and butter in a double boiler . Add the sugar and flour , mix well . Add the eggs , mix well . Add the liqour and vanilla , pour into prepared cup  . Bake for 14 minutes ,  no longer than 14 minutes or your molten cake would turn into a whole chocolate cake .

Beef Kimbap

Ingredients :

3 cups uncooked rice , to make 5-6 cups of cooked rice ( i used rice cooker , for 3 cups of jasmine rice , i used 5.5 cups of water , rinsed the rice 3-4 times with water )

Once the rice is done , prepare the rice , with 2 tsp. of salt , 1 tbsp. of sugar and 2 tbsp. of sushi vinegar .Mix well , and set it aside , while you prepare the fillings .

You will need :

Roasted seaweed ( Nori )

Cucumber , cut into long strips

5 eggs to make omellete , to be cut into long strips

1 lb of lean ground beef , with bulgogi sauce

Bunch of baby spinach , boil very quick

Carrots , cut into matchsticks and saute for 5-6 minutes .

Beef Kimbap

Watching too much of Korean Drama will lead you to this .. That’s what happened with me .. LOL , I was wondering what Kimbap was .. since they mentioned it quite a bit in K-drama . So i began my search to find out what exactly Kimbap is .. i ran through few explanations about it . Basically it’s a Korean Sushi Rolls . Now , i love sushi , but i never made it myself .. especially since we live in midwest , i don’t think we can get any fresh fish that easy , especially ones with sushi grade fish . So i was pretty happy to find out that Korean Kimbap is made from all cooked ingredients , well except the raw vegetables .

I had bought a package from Borders one time a box of sushi how to , it contains the mat , the plates , the chopsticks and also the DVD and a book of how to make simple sushi . So the mat came quite handy when i decided to try to make this kimbap . At first i was quite intimidated by it , but i thought who cares .. let’s just try it . Everybody in my household is quite adventurous in eating anyway . My 5 years old son was trained well .. this is what he said if he sees some friends of his not willing to try new food .. ” You have to try it , if you don’t try it , you wouldn’t know if you’re going to like it or not .. ” LOL .. we have trained him well in this sayings haaha ..

So anyway .. the basic kimbap recipe i found from that website was using tuna , but i decided to try it with ground beef , i added bulgogi sauce after browning them . And using spinach , omelette , sauteed matchsticks carrots and since i don’t have pickled radish , i ended up using fresh burpless cucumber .

I had to admit i had a lot of fun making them , not quite sure at first but i did it . And my first attempt to make Kimbap was quite successful , then i thought why not trying to make it as inside out sushi rolls ? I know sushi rolls would have used raw fish .. but in this case , i just tried it with what i have on hand , which was the same ingredients as the kimbap . Who cares .. i was just trying a different method to roll them anyway . Then inside out rolls have the nori inside the rice , while the kimbap has the rice inside the nori . From the appearance i think i prefer inside out rolls better than kimbap style 🙂 They both actually look pretty !! And i was pretty happy with all the results .. i even surprised myself since it was my first attempt to make them and i was quite successful making them .

I ended up sharing it with some friends and neighbours since i made quite a bit . Come to think of it , the place that sells sushi rolls in Munster , called , Little Tokyo , was quite expensive .. for 3 rolls would cost you $15.00 , and they’re tiny itty bitty rolls .. mine is a lot bigger than theirs !! LOL

And here is a picture of my uramaki rolls , inside out rolls with the same kimbap ingredients , just different style in rolling them .

And how do you assemble kimbap ??

Well here is how to :

1. You need the bamboo mat , then put your nori ( seaweed ) with the shiny side down .

2. Spread the rice on the nori , just 1/3 of the rice will do . Then spread your beef , and the rest of the ingredients , should look like this .

3. Add the cucumbers , omelette , spinach and carrots on top of the beef .

4. Start rolling them ! Once it’s done , don’t forget to brush the rolls with sesame oil . Then cut and serve !

For the recipe of click here