Sweet Bean Paste Chinese Pastry ( kue pia isi kacang hijau )

Back when i was small my mom bought these kind of snack quite a bit , the truth is the place that made this was a small home business , and it was only few blocks away from where we lived . So , she bought it quite a bit , and we loved eating this snack , it’s called kue pia isi kacang hijau , the famous brand over there was cap mangkuk ( bowl brand ) . Over the years , we grow to love this thing , but ever since i moved to US , i can’t seem to find this . I even bought some pastries fromĀ  bakeries in china town , but none of them has the right filling inside , most of them would be the right pastry but the inside was red bean paste , which i am not really accustom to .

So 2 nights ago i soaked the beans , to make the filling , did a lot of research about the chinese pastry that i thought might be the right one . I made the filling just fine , and i decided to try to make the dough for kue pia . I wasn’t sure if this was the correct ones , but boy was i glad that i did it .. because it was !! It was the right dough for kue pia , it has the amount of flakiness , and the sweet filling inside . It was just perfect . Living overseas , even though china town is only 30-45 minutes away , nothing can beat the sheer happiness that i finally made kue pia myself . My mom would have been so proud of me !!! Here it is ..


So here is the recipe . you need to make the bean paste first ..

1 cup of lima beans , soaked with water overnight , at least 12 hours , peel off the skin , then rinse with cold water . Put the beans in a heavy pot , add about 1 1/2 cup of water , cover and bring to boil , then simmer for 50 minutes , the beans should be very soft , and keep cooking until all the water evaporates , then , remove the beans into the food processor , pulse it until smooth , if you don’t have food processor , use your wooden spoon or potato masher , to mash it , food processor comes in handy though . Then return the beans into the pot , add 1/2 cup of sugar , 1 tsp.vanilla extract into the beans , low heat keep stirring , until the liquid evaporates and the beans get thick . It should get even thicker when it cools off . Set aside .You can make this few hours ahead too .


While the beans is cooling off .. make the dough , there is 2 doughs that you need to make separately .

Dough A , Water Shortening Dough :

150 grams of all purpose flour

75 grams of water

32.5 grams of shortening

Mix these ingredients together with wooden spoon or hand mixer ( more convenient ) , if it’s too runny , add more flour until it holds its shape . Set aside

Dough B Flaky Dough / Shortening Dough

112,5 grams of all purpose flour

55 grams of shortening

Mix all these ingredients together with wooden spoon or hand mixer , set aside .


Now , divide each doughs into 12 equals size balls , Then roll out the water shortening dough , and add 1 flaky dough in it and wrap it , make a ball .


Then roll out the dough into a thin dough , and fold into thirds , repeat this process 2 more times . Then roll out thing , add your sweet beans filling ( you can use red bean filling too , i like the sweet bean better here ), and wrap it into a ball and shape it , either oval or round , whatever you want .


Do the same with the rest of the doughs . Brush with egg yolks , bake at 400 F for about 25 minutes or until the the color is golden brown .


Congratulations ! you’ve made your own chinese sweet bean pastry !! LOL

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