Spring Green Welt Sock


I started my next pair of sock , and it is from a pattern in sock a la carte book , called Welt . It looks so complicated from the picture in the book but actually it wasn’t that complicated . I chose a yarn that is plain , not self striping yarn or multicolor yarn , just because i want the stitches to show , to pop , and with self striping or multi color , i don’t think it would do .

Spicy Pulled Pork Pop

pulled pork pop

Lately i have been a fan of a quick easy and last forever meal .. I just hardly had the time to spend in the kitchen with running around here and there , and homeschooling , and the new hobby of mine of knitting . The kitchen took a step back , but that doesn’t mean i can forgo my family’s meal . I still am a make from scratch kind of a girl , but i love how easy some meal can be prepared but it still delicious and nutritious . Not that this recipe is very healthy for you .. since it has pop / soda in it .

Breakfast Burrito

breakfast burrito

The other day i was invited to a friend’s house for a breakfast . She made us breakfast burrito , which was very yummy . I never had breakfast burrito , but as the name calls , it contains tortilla shell ,with scrambled eggs , potatoes , chorizo and salsa . It was delicious . So this morning i thought i should give it a try , beside my family loves chorizo . It turns out really good , not to mention it’s so easy , barely anything to it . The chorizo gives out all the flavor you need so you don’t even need to add any more seasoning .

Happy Feet Vanilla Sock

sock vanilla

Right after i finished my 1st sock project , i chose another yarn and i started getting busy knitting it . My choice this time landed on Plymouth Happy Feet yarn , in t he beginning i wasn’t quite sure if this amount of yarn is going to be enough , a newbie that i am , worrying such things . Well the yarn was almost 400 yards , which is plenty for a normal size foot , unless i have a size 11 foot then i probably won’t have enough LOL .

Lemon Madeleines


I’ve made Madeleines few times before . And i remember the very first time i was skimping on buttering the mold and ended up ruining madeleines . But they all turned out nice as far as i can remember .

Spanish Chicken with Chorizo

spanish chicken

This was our dinner last night .I think i’ve made them few times already , just forgot to blog about it . Although i don’t know how i forgot .. because this meal is totally awesome . Months back i borrowed a cooking book by Nigella Lawson from the library . She used to have a show on the cooking channel and i used to watch her show .

Project completed !

sock plain1

So , i have finished my first ever knitted sock over the weekend . In total it took me a little bit over a week to finish the socks . Probably closer to 10 days for the pair . I had orders to get done , so for 2 days i focused on making hats and gloves , i had to skip my finishing sock at the time .

Half way completed

knit sock process

I finished my first knitted sock yesterday , it took a total of 5 days , i don’t know how many hours , i don’t know how many stitches . I don’t always knit either because i had things to do such as  working out , homeschooling my son and cooking and cleaning , and all those things . I do most of my knitting at night time , or whenever i get a chance even when i had to stand up waiting for some few things to finish .

Knitting sock is addicting !

knit sock2

So , i think i have an addiction to sock . I crocheted my first pair of sock before christmas last year . And then i crocheted another pair by the end of the year . In the beginning of the year , i thought i’d like to try to tackle this knitted sock that i see a lot online .

How did i end up addicted to the needles ?

For quite sometime i have been adding crochet as my other things i love to do , cooking and baking are still my passion . I love doing those ! But , about the end of 2013 , i started picking up a crochet hook , and i remember years and years ago when i was pregnant , i learned  basic simple crochet and decided to make a blanket , to which took forever to finish . Never .. ever again will i make blanket as a first project ! LOL .